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Meme day 9 (how many months has it been?)

Finally on to meme day 9! At least I'm getting slightly better at this...

Day 09: How you hope your future will be like

"How you hope your future will be like"? What? I just copied it the same way it was written, believe me. But as to WHAT I hope my future will be like...

I'm hoping for mostly an indefinite continuation of all the things that make my life wonderful right now. Not that I'm hoping for my life to always go on exactly like it is right now, but the things that make my life so good are the things I'm hoping will make my life good forever.

Things that make my life so good right now (and how I hope they'll continue):

-I work with people with disabilities in a job that is super fulfilling and only feels like work a small percentage of the time. I hope that I will keep working with people with disabilities in some way, as a teacher at least for part of the time and maybe in some other way later.

-I have a wonderful Noah who is my partner and makes me so happy. I hope that I will always have a wonderful Noah.

-I see my family a lot, and they are all healthy and happy. I hope I get lots more of these family times.

-I'm starting to simplify my life and make sure that I'm not using more than I need, and that everything I have is something I need. I want to not get too overwhelmed with things and keep my life in perspective.

-My health, though worse than it was last year, is still excellent. I am very invested in making sure it stays that way, and I hope my health will always be good.

-I am part of a community where I have friends and places where I am known and comfortable activities to be involved in. I also have friends all over the country (and at least partially all over the world, now that I think of it) and I want to always be able to have a community and be able to be in touch with my friends, even the far-flung ones.

And that's pretty much how I would like my future to be!

Right now I'm intermittently watching the Sugar Bowl Michigan/Virginia Tech game while doing various other things. I had a terrific New Years at a CTY reunion with great people, and I'm working long hours at work (9-9 on Wednesdays for the next couple weeks, and picking up various hours here and there), and classes start again in a couple weeks. I'm tired, but happy. Though I am very nervous because I have a blood draw on Monday and I have a serious phobia of needles (my sister described it as "you're likely to cry, and hyperventilate"), but Noah will be in the doctor's office with me so maybe that will make it a little better. But I have an anxious feeling in my stomach when I think about it.

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