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And now we return to your regularly scheduled meme!

By which I mean, here's the meme entry I intended to do yesterday. :-P

Day 12: Bullet your whole day

I used to do this with my sister, where you write down everything you did that day, so I was already familiar with this! It's a lot harder, however, when you have a job where you're always on the go. Trying to write down everything I did while chasing clients around and stuff is pretty hilarious! Anyway, here's my day from way back on February 7.

8:00am Alarm goes off. Had a bit of a restless night with weird dreams and nightmares. Ed. notes: just like today! Was a little chilly last night, but now that it's time to get up the bed is suddenly warm and cozy.

8:09 After picking out clothes (jeans, cream-colored shirt with hearts on it, Snoopy sweatshirt) I head into the shower. I've been showering in the morning more often these days. I have to was my hair later, so this one will be quick.

8:25 It took me 16 minutes to shower, get dressed, and do my hair! It would have been shorter, but I had a hard time getting out of the shower today.

8:32 Finish making my go-to breakfast-- some bread with olive oil, and a glass of water. My favorite is oatmeal, but I was lazy this morning.

8:34 Check email, facebook, lj, webcomics.

8:44 Pack up stuff for work/class.

8:51 After putting lotion on my woefully dry skin, it's off to work. Proof of my awesome "commute": this is when I start walking...

8:59 and this is when I get inside. And it only took that long because I had to go back and get something.

9:03 While putting away my food I run into my friend/coworker/former roommate. She was talking about being recently sick with the stomach flu, which, while unfortunate, turned into a rather hilarious story.

9:06 Didn't get to check to see if my daytime 1:1, G., is here yet because I spontaneously started dancing with another client. Oh, my job.

9:10 G. was, in fact, here. I help him get his outerwear off.

9:25 After several detours, get G. out of his wheelchair and into his stander to stretch his legs.

9:33 The pledge of allegiance is over and I go to fill up my water bottle.

9:35 We check the weather and talk for awhile about winter sports.

11:15 Lots of time goes by in which we're introduced to a new client and I take G. to the bathroom. We continue doing our daily exercises.

12:10 More time goes by. I finish exercises, G.'s mom arrives and we eat lunch together. I have lentil soup and pasta, and my coworker gives me half a Reuben sandwich as a surprise! Then we head down to visit another area and to check our mail.

12:44 We head in to the pool!

2:37 Got in the pool, then got changed, had a drink, and got a picture from a recent Chinese New Year parade we participated in. Now I get on the bus with my other 1:1, J.!

3:23 I finish discharging everyone on the bus route and leave J. with one of the people who does my 1:1 job on the days I have class. The bus drops me off at the college and I check email, facebook, and lj in the library.

3:44 I work on some assignments for tonight's class--choosing and rating 4 assessments from a list of ones I could give a student, and writing questions on Post-It notes for a guest speaker tonight.

3:58 Tonight's work completed, I go upstairs and read The New York Times.

4:40 Head over to class after dropping a yoga DVD into the library return--it was due soon.

4:52 Class starts! We have a presenter today talking about special ed. law.

6:30 Class goes on break and I do a word find to decompress.

6:35 Break is over, we move on to more presentation and a brief instruction for next week.

7:20 Class is over! I start my walk home.

7:50 Home, yay! I check email/facebook/lj and take a hair-washing shower.

8:24 I call my sister and fix dinner (stuffed cabbage/daal/cauliflower).

9:10 Settle down to watch an episode from season 1 of Battlestar Galactica.

9:30 Paused to talk to Noah!

9:55 Aaaaaand, back to BSG.

10:23 I decide to be a good American and watch the State of the Union address, very belatedly. I'm a good American, not a prompt one.

11:35 I read an article for tomorrow's class, then brush my teeth and get ready for bed.

12:03 Bedtime!

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