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Oh, the places you'll go!

GUYS I'm almost halfway done with the meme. I've been doing it since last year. I promise we'll get through it and I'll try to make them interesting so you're not rolling your eyes whenever you see that I've posted an entry.

Day 13: Somewhere you'd like to move or visit

Well, I'm planning to stay on the East Coast in terms of moving, so that's pretty uninteresting. Let's talk about places I want to visit, instead!

The real answer is "everywhere", but here are a few examples.

Russia: I've been interested in pretty much everything about the country since college, I guess. My freshman history teacher's specialty was Russian history, and it seemed to permeate our all-inclusive history class pretty prominently. It's one of the places I most want to go.

Various places in Southeast Asia: Noah and I are very focused on the culture (and especially the food!) of Southeast Asia, and I think it's long been a dream of ours to go together. We even considered spontaneously going and spending a year teaching in Southeast Asia, but it didn't really happen, which is good because it probably wasn't the right time now.

India: Noah's been a little apprehensive about India until recently, but this is another place I've been interested in since I studied it intensively in college (I took a lot of religion classes, including one particularly centered around Hinduism. Fascinating stuff).

Peru: Really I was thinking I wanted to go to some Latin American country somewhere, and then I thought about it and decided I'd really like to go to Peru. It would be very cool to see some Inca ruins, practice my Spanish, do lots of hiking, and eat delicious Latin American food.

There are so many more, but for some reason they're not coming to mind as readily as they usually do. I think that I haven't thought about cool travels for the future as much lately because there's so much going on that I'm intensively and single-mindedly focused on getting through each day (which is how I suddenly didn't notice several months going by, and then woke up and it was March and I don't know how that happened). I'm definitely in that last-gasp phase of grad school where you're working hard and trying to get through things and trying to get productivity out of every minute of the day. I can't wear myself out though, because up next is student teaching and that will be even harder work! Luckily I'm really close to finishing everything I need to do for right now, so maybe soon I can relax a little more.

As a final note, I was watching Donizetti's La Fille du Regiment this evening and didn't like it, even though it was a good performance. The other day I watched Mozart's Marriage of Figaro and didn't like it (I know, lots of people love it, it was too silly for me okay) even though it was a GREAT performance (I finished watching it because Anna Netrebko was, well, Anna Netrebko). I've decided I'm probably just not much of a fan of straight-up comic operas. I have 3 categories of opera I really like:

1. Straight-up drama (Otello, La Traviata, other things that are also like that but not by Verdi)

2. Dark comedy (my favorite opera, Don Giovanni, fits well into this category. It's hilarious, but the main character gets carried down to Hell in the end--doesn't get much more "dark comedy" than that.

3. Crazy modern stuff. 'Nuff said.

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