Once there was a girl who loved. (gingerrose) wrote,
Once there was a girl who loved.

Who me, busy?

I think this entry in my personal journal pretty much sums things up:

"These next couple weeks are going to be crazy! This week I have a paper and 2 article critiques to finish for my Teaching Strategies class, and I'm trying to squeeze in all my stuff before Thursday. On Thursday I'm going to work in the afternoon, then Sarah is going to pick me up and drive me to the Gaithersburg Metro station. From there I'll take the Metro to Union Station, and from there it's an 11-hour bus ride to Toronto, where I'll be for Passover! I'll be there until Sunday night, then Noah and I will take another overnight bus to NY, hang out in the city for a couple hours, then I'll take the bus back to Union Station, the Metro to Gaithersburg, and then go back to my parents' house for the night. Then Tuesday morning I'll get up early and get driven straight to work, and that very afternoon I have a presentation due for my Diagnostic-Prescriptive Assessment class. I'll careen through that week until the Saturday, when I'll pack my bags again...to get on a plane to New Orleans! Ack! Considering that the person we're staying with advised us to be ready to go out immediately after getting off the plane, I'd say it's going to be a whirlwind trip. Then I only have a little over a week until I have to take the Special Ed. PRAXIS and serve my first sunday as a Worship Assistant at church, then the next few weeks are a zillion fun spring festivals combined with final projects and my semester ending, then it's my 25th birthday and I'm going to NY to visit some relatives on Long Island and eat at my favorite NY restaurant with Noah and his family, then it's Memorial Day and Halley's wedding, then I'm going to NY again to see Noah's JPPC concert and finally introduce my parents to his parents (it's only been, what, 4 years?), then it's only a matter of weeks before I take my leave of absence from work, drive down to Florida with Noah to have a food road trip and visit his grandmother, and then start my student teaching! Before you know it, I'll be presenting my portfolio, graduating, going back to CHANGE to work, getting a teaching job, and moving on to my next stage!"

tl;dr: My life is busy.

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