Once there was a girl who loved. (gingerrose) wrote,
Once there was a girl who loved.


So I was reading back on old LJ entries and I found this quote in a comment I made to Alex.

"I love your brain too. Except when I'm a zombie. Then I love your brains. There's a distinct difference?"

For some reason I found that incredibly hilarious.

It must be Nostalgia Day or something, because I was also looking back at old photos on facebook from Italy and ended up realizing just how much Noah and I have grown since we met in 2008. In the pictures from the airport on our way home, we look like kids. Then I look at pictures from right now, and we look like a grown man and woman! It's crazy to think about how much we've changed in just a couple years. I'm also proud of how much we've grown personality-wise and how many bad things about my life I've let go of. One of the things I was thinking about recently was that, before I was with Noah, I had a tendency to have these weird unwritten standards about relationships that I expected my significant other to just live up to without actually being told about them. I would spend a lot of time silently fuming that whoever I was with didn't do some exact thing that I wanted, while expecting that he was just going to intercept my brain waves or something to find it out--because I certainly wasn't about to tell him or anything. I even did that for the first year and a half or so that Noah and I were together. But after several years in a relationship, I find that I've just let those things go without noticing. Not only am I better at telling Noah when I want something, but those unrealistic expectations just disappeared as well. I don't need them anymore, I guess. Right now every day I spend with Noah, and every time I remember that we've vocalized our intent to stay together no matter what, is enough for me. Knowing someone and accepting them for who they are is better than anything else I could have dreamed up.

Well, Noah will be here in like 2 hours (we're going to New Orleans tomorrow yay!) and I still want to do the dishes, neaten up the living room, finish my book, and watch a movie! Better get cracking!

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