Once there was a girl who loved. (gingerrose) wrote,
Once there was a girl who loved.

High school hijinks

So, I was looking something up in one of my old paper journals for reference, and I started reading back on my main journal from high school. Realizing how different high school relationships are from adult relationships is pretty hilarious. I had one boyfriend that I dated for most of high school, and it's amazing how high school relationships have an entirely different character (even when he was a few years older and was a few months from graduating when we started dating, and I was a sophomore). For one thing, I kept writing entries where I it had been something like 3 days since I'd talked to him on the phone or emailed him, and I was worried about seeming needy if I got in touch from him. 3 days?!?! I don't think I've been out of touch with Noah for 3 days in the entire time that I've known him, and that INCLUDES the period before we were dating! We talk at least once a day now, usually twice and sometimes more, and I am not at all worried that this could be needy. I can't imagine going 3 days without talking to Noah and being worried that I'd look needy if I called him. Also, it's funny how slowly high school relationships move and how little this occurred to me. I started dating my high school boyfriend on January 21 of my sophomore year, and we didn't kiss (even on the cheek!) until March 17. It never crossed my mind that normal people don't spend the first 2 months of their relationship just enjoying holding hands and hugging. We didn't even do that on purpose; we just didn't get around to kissing for a couple months. It just didn't seem like something we needed to do. I think there's a time vortex in high school relationships.

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